The Route of the
Old Military Road Trail

The 21st century route to honor the Old Military Road Trail has not been defined. The OMRT route, at least in part, will be created after an extensive Public Planning process in 2020, 21.


The proposed route will be determined realistically by only using property already open to the public, by permission of private landowners who will welcome the trail on their land and by the use of public roads.


The original 1850s route was modified as decades passed and the San Juan Island population grew. The new trail will in some places cross or follow closely the original Old Military Road but for the most part will match our current times and circumstances.

  • To create a safe recreational corridor across San Juan Island for people of all ages–walkers, and even bicyclists and equestrians on appropriate sections.

  • To celebrate the extraordinary history and beauty of San Juan Island.

  • To connect neighborhoods and popular destinations and link our two National Historical Parks.

We Need Your Input to Help Determine the Route!

Old Military Road Trail Committee

Questions? Comments? We would love to hear from you!


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